Passage to Gehenna

"Is it much farther?" Noah whined and dragged his feet as the two damned creatures made their way to Gehenna. A demon and the wraith had »

A Dream of the Deep Sea

“When I was a little girl,” she began, “my parents would take me to the beach every weekend in the summer. Some days there would be »

The Village of Dali.

Seraphina awoke in a soft, cottony cloud of a bed. Filtered sunlight from the shuttered window warmed the linens. The duvet was lovingly embroidered with red »

Red Shift. Part 2.

Luned felt the ache in her neck and heard ringing in her ears before she opened her eyes. Disoriented and a mouth dry enough to stick »

Red Shift. Part 1.

It was near sunrise in the western hemisphere of a small, rocky planet in the Deep Field region later identified as the Groth Strip. The mining »